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What Our Clients Say

Best way to do a difficult thing. 

11/18/2016  Randy


10/6/2016  J. Basso

Diana was respectful and was a safe middle ground. I would recommend her to any going through a difficult time, such as divorce. She was fair and had a lot of education and advice that was helpful to our unique situation. We walked away knowing we would be taken care of, we can move forward and be okay! 

09/7/2016  Buffy

Very respectful and complimentary. Very courteous, understands your feelings, gives good advice and cares.

09/7/2016  Mark

I would definitely advise friends and family to use mediation instead of attorneys. 

07/19/2016  Ashley 

So glad I chose this process.

03/1/2016  Anonymous

Diana was great at explaining everything in detail and made sure that we both felt like we were being understood fairly between each other.

02/12/2016  Kim


She was very fair.  Great at understanding both sides and being able to explain it to both of us so we can see each other’s view.

12/21/2015  Jennifer


Diana helped us through every aspect of our divorce.  Very smooth process.  She was a pleasure and helped us TREMENDOUSLY.

12/21/2015  Rich


I was very happy with Diana’s mediation skills.  She was impartial & kept things moving.

11/19/2015  Jake


What a great mediator…

06/09/2015  Anonymous 


She was great to work with.

04/08/2015  Keri


I had considered a lawyer but this worked out much better.

04/08/2015  M. Carlin 


Highly civil process vs courts.  I’m glad we chose this route.  It saved us time and money.

03/23/2015  Sean


Diana has been a pleasure to work with.  She is knowledgeable and helpful.  She was an excellent guide through a very emotional and difficult process.

02/03/2015  Charles


Diana was kind, fair, and impartial while remaining sensitive to our concerns.  She helped us work through disagreements and come to a consensus.  I am glad we chose to work out our issues through mediation and would recommend the process to others.

02/03/2015  Jordan


02/02/2015  Virginia


Thank you for the help!

02/02/2015  Kerry


This is the way to go for divorce.

01/22/2015  Deborah


We could not have gotten through this without Diana.  She helped us get through a very tough time.  We would recommend her to anyone going through a separation/divorce. 

10/16/2014  Anonymous


You are a great mediator and through you we have come to agreements and resolve the issues outside of the courts.  Thank you for your expertise and care. 

09/23/2014  Mike


Very personable and fair.  Made the process a lot faster and a lot less painful.  I would recommend Diana to others.

09/23/2014  Anonymous


Mediation was helpful for us finally resolving the issues in a fair manner without getting in another fight.

09/12/2014  Anonymous


Fair and impartial.  The mediator was excellent!

08/28/2014  Kyle


Diana did a wonderful job helping is deal a hard situation in an easier way.

08/01/2014  Maria


Could not have been better.  Sensitive to delicate issues and non-judgmental.  Impartial, yet fair.

08/01/2014  James


Thank you for your help and work with this.

07/03/2014  Anonymous


Good job reading my emotional cues.

07/01/2014  “T”


Helped settle money issues, fast, easy.  Thanks.   
5/23/2014  Sandy.


Diana exceeded all my expectations in all these categories.  She really helped us through a very difficult time.  I would recommend her whole-heartedly to anyone for help (legal).  I would also recommend your firm based on my experience with her for any legal help in any category.  Thanks so much Diana.    5/15/2014  John.


Thank you for remaining calm and objective.  Very good at diffusing angry situations.   
4/11/2014  Anonymous


Thanks!  You helped a lot in a tough situation, appreciate how you managed us.   
4/11/2014  Anonymous


This process makes a difficult situation easier to get through without attorneys keeping it going longer than necessary.   
4/3/2014  Shawna


Very pleasant courteous.   
4/3/2014  Chad


I really enjoyed how Diana handled my case.  Thank you again Diana!  What a great thing you did in making the process that much easier. Also for your time & patience.    
7/8/2013  Anonymous


I cannot imagine making it through this process without Diana’s guidance.  Her professional & balanced advice was a beacon in the fog.  Thank you Diana.     
6/25/2013  Troy.

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