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Diana J. Huntsman, J.D., Attorney-Mediator

Diana has been a mediator since 2012.  She is certified as a Master Mediator by the Utah Administrative Office of the Courts.  More importantly, Diana has helped over 600 couples resolve their divorce and custody conflicts through mediation, without the extra cost, delay, and emotional trauma of litigation.

Client Evaluations (typically uploaded annually):
2022 - 2024 YTD, 5/1/2024, Click link:  Mediation_Evaluations_2022_May.2024.pdf
2020 - 2021, Click link:  Mediation_Evaluations_2020_2021.pdf
2018 - 2019, Click link:  Mediation_Evaluations_2018_2019.pdf
2016 - 2017, Click link:  Mediation_Evaluations_2016_2017.pdf
2014 - 2015, Click link:  Mediation_Evaluations_2014_2015.pdf
2013, Click link:  Mediation_Evaluations_2013.pdf

Diana is also an attorney and has represented people in family law cases, including divorce, custody, and paternity matters, for over 30 years.  She is intimately familiar with the law, courtroom procedure, judges and litigation. Diana is also skilled at diplomatic negotiation, and has resolved countless cases over those years as an attorney, through mediation.  She was a founding partner of HUNTSMAN | LOFGRAN | WALTON PLLC, where she is now "of counsel,"

Whether helping a couple as a mediator, or representing a person as an attorney, Diana enjoys helping others find hope and resolution in difficult times -- divorce being one of the hardest things a person may face.   Diana is passionately committed to the concept of mediation, as opposed to litigation and courts, as a positive, faster, far less cosly option for resolving conflict.


Previously, Diana was a Prosecutorial Intern for the Salt Lake County Attorneys' Office; a Judicial Extern for the Honorable J. Thomas Greene of the United States District Court, District of Utah; an associate, then partner, with Mangum, Holt & Huntsman; and the owner of Diana J. Huntsman & Assocs., PLLC.

Diana received her Juris Doctorate from the University of Utah, College of Law; her Bachelor of Science from Utah State University, cum laude, with majors in Economics and Business Administration, and a minor in Political Science; and her Associate of Science from Snow College, magna cum laude. She has been a member of the Utah State Bar since 1994, and is a member of the Family Law Section of that bar.
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