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As divorce professionals, our role is to help our clients make the transition from being part of a couple to leading separate lives. We are committed to helping them do so in the most positive way possible.  

We know that the adversarial process and a focus on "winning" the divorce all too often have bitter, destructive results. Those most affected by this are the children.

1. We promise to educate. Every couple will be given enough information to feel comfortable in making decisions.

2. We will provide a level playing field to ensure that every thought, perspective and idea will be heard and given the merit it deserves.

3. We will provide creativity, helping every couple brainstorm, consider and explore as many options and ways to reach common ground as possible.

4. We promise to help our clients balance the need for separation with the need to achieve common goals.

5. We promise to keep in mind that taking good care of the children is our clients' shared goal.

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