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To schedule mediation, call: (801) 568-0789

Divorcing? Mediate, don't litigate!
A kinder, faster, less costly option.


The truth about divorce cases that go to trial is that nobody leaves happy. A stranger -- with the best of intentions but only minimal knowledge about you and your family -- determines your life after divorce. In contrast, when you solve your case through mediation, you and your spouse determine the outcome.

Our mediators are experts at helping couples come to agreements both of you feel good about, ensuring you address all the issues that should be addressed, and filing all the paperwork needed, so you will not have to go to court. Call us to find out how we can help you move forward with your lives.

Located in the middle of the Salt Lake City Valley and available for in-person mediations there.
Available for mediations via Zoom throughout the entire state of Utah.

Divorce Mediation Institute of Utah
Helping clients in Utah for over 25 years. 
Call Today 801-568-0789
  • 801-568-0789
  • 623 East Fort Union Blvd.,
    Suite 108
    Salt Lake City, Utah 84047
  • MON-FRI:  8:30AM–5:30PM
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